Development Technical Support

Find developing a device driver hard to approach? The answer is DEVGURU!
We also help solve customer problems through our consulting service.

Support items

Develop device driver for each O/S
– Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, QNX, iOS, Android support

Develop Class Driver
– Touch / Mouse / Keyboard / Serial/ Modem / NIC / Printer / Video Streaming

Hard Ware & Interface
– USB / PCI / PCMCIA / FileSystem, etc.

Performance and function improvements
– Factory Automation (FA), Production tools, Code Optimization (Code Refactoring)

Develop applications that support IoT
– Provide support for the development of mobile apps, cloud interfaces, firmware, etc.

Develop compatible applications for each O/S
– Windows, MacOSX, Linux, iOS, Android

Device virtualization
– USB virtualization (USB Over IP), video card virtualization, audio virtualization

What Makes DEVGURU Special

  • Provides highly-competent experts with extensive experience
  • Suggests optimal solutions that meet the project deadline that the client desires
  • Various validation systems
  • Based on our internal compatibility lab system,
    validation processes are performed in various environments for each PC brand